iOS 18: What's in Store for Your iPhone's Next Big Update?

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, and all eyes are on the tech giant as they gear up to unveil iOS 18, the next big thing in iPhone software. Rumours suggest that this update could be the most significant in iPhone history, promising ground breaking features and designs.

It's rumoured AI will play a significant role in iOS 18. In iOS 17, Apple has already added Personal Voice: a new accessibility setting that uses AI to store a replica of your voice on your phone. 

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

In a tech landscape where flagship smartphones are increasingly driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Apple seems poised to join the race with its anticipated iPhone 16 and iOS 18. CEO Tim Cook has hinted at exciting developments, teasing the integration of generative AI into their products.

Apple/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

Smarter Siri

While Apple already boasts AI features like photo duplication detection, iOS 18 could take things up a notch. Reports suggest that Siri, Apple's voice assistant, will become even smarter with the help of generative AI. This could mean better responses to queries and more intuitive interactions, like turning photos into GIFs with a simple voice command.

Calendar App Integration with Reminders App and RCS Support for Messaging

One of the speculated updates is the integration of the Calendar app with the Reminders app, streamlining organization and scheduling tasks directly from the Calendar interface. Additionally, iOS 18 might bring support for RCS messaging, enhancing communication between iPhone and Android users with features like end-to-end encryption and improved media sharing.

Siri had a slight makeover in iOS 17, including two new features that will change how you interact with the voice assistant. iOS 18 could bring even more changes.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

On-Device AI

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate Apple's focus on on-device AI, which ensures better privacy and faster response times by processing data locally rather than in the cloud. While this approach may have limitations in accessing vast amounts of information like some other AI systems, Apple could offset this by leveraging technology from other AI service providers.

Google's launched a website dedicated to advocating for Apple to adopt the RCS text messaging standard, filled with links to tweet notes to the company.

Google/Screenshot by CNET

As excitement builds for iOS 18, details remain sparse, including which iPhones will be compatible. However, one thing is certain: Apple's commitment to innovation promises an update that will shape the future of iPhone user experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.


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